Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Not been too busy a week so I have been taking it easy on the painting front, I have some Zulus to finish for next weekend but as they are started I thought I would indulge myself by spending a little time on some other projects, I also did a bit of basing - finishing some movement trays and the Perry plastic ACW cavalry pictured here.

I was wanting to move my Chaos army on a little so I completed the assembly of the Marauders and got them ready to undercoat - then found I had run out of black! I can pick some more up tomorrow. I have 87 Marauders, 25 with each of the weapon options and some spares, by rearranging the figures I can have all the units armed the same or combination of unit sizes having made four command groups.

As it Halloween weekend I popped on 'Day of the Dead' - the third of the Romero trilogy and grabbed my Studio Miniatures zombies. I had recently undercoated these white and the details popped right out, I had to add some small pieces of plastic card into the tab slots so they would fit snugly.

Since I took the photo above I have done the basing, my usual sand mixture but in two tone greys. During the week I shall carry on with the zulus and might start a couple of these.

I also played a few games of Memoir 44 this week, a great game which is loads of fun. Looking forward to some more games this week meanwhile as everyone else does I look at the game and think Hexon and micro armour!

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