Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Not been too busy a week so I have been taking it easy on the painting front, I have some Zulus to finish for next weekend but as they are started I thought I would indulge myself by spending a little time on some other projects, I also did a bit of basing - finishing some movement trays and the Perry plastic ACW cavalry pictured here.

I was wanting to move my Chaos army on a little so I completed the assembly of the Marauders and got them ready to undercoat - then found I had run out of black! I can pick some more up tomorrow. I have 87 Marauders, 25 with each of the weapon options and some spares, by rearranging the figures I can have all the units armed the same or combination of unit sizes having made four command groups.

As it Halloween weekend I popped on 'Day of the Dead' - the third of the Romero trilogy and grabbed my Studio Miniatures zombies. I had recently undercoated these white and the details popped right out, I had to add some small pieces of plastic card into the tab slots so they would fit snugly.

Since I took the photo above I have done the basing, my usual sand mixture but in two tone greys. During the week I shall carry on with the zulus and might start a couple of these.

I also played a few games of Memoir 44 this week, a great game which is loads of fun. Looking forward to some more games this week meanwhile as everyone else does I look at the game and think Hexon and micro armour!

Monday, 25 October 2010

More Zulu's!!!

At the last club we rolled out the Zulus once again, this time to test drive Sharp Practice - we were looking for a game which would give us a cinematic feel with officers doing stuff rather than being faceless models with no personalties.

We had a pretty good game, we just need to tweak the levels of Big Men and possibly the size of some of the units, we are having another go next club, so possibly some more photos then.

Here's a couple of groups of Zulus, they have some shock and maybe a casualty or two but are about to charge the lone group of Naval Brigade in front of them.

I have spent the last few days finishing the box of ACW cavalry, once they are matt vanished I will post them up here, I have done some undercoating and basing - some stuff about to be painted and others that were simply in reach when I was grabbing stuff.

This shot is a little dark, we have a second box of Perry ACW plastics, some dismounted cavalry, CMG 15mm Power Armour, Zulu riflemen and a pack of Foundry Pygmies. And no Mark this lot won't all be painted by next club!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Introducing the 76th New York

I would like to introduce you to the 76th New York Volunteer Infantry, a regiment raised from the small towns and farms of central New York State, was also known as "The Courtland Regiment" after Courtland County from where many of it's recruits came. This regiment served for three years in the Army of the Potomac and saw action in most of the actions in the eastern theatre, it did see action on the first day at Gettyburg where if suffered terrific casualties due to being one of the first units on the field.

The figures are from Perry Miniatures plastic set whilst the standard is from the Flags for the Lads range.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hearts of Oak

Events in the Nineteenth Century where much like they are today, with budget and defence cuts. Armies are expensive luxuries, and Britain needed peace so that her commercial interests could prosper. Armies needed bases, bases needed defending and supplying, all these things are expensive and an alternative was to use the Royal Navy.

The Naval Brigade were a hard fighting, skilled bunch able to turn their hands to wielding a rifle or manning a field gun, manhandling the piece through swamp and across veldt. The Naval Brigade were used across Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East during the latter half of the century with little change to their uniforms and armament.

My collection of figures are from Perry Miniatures from their Sudan range and their Martini-Henry rifle lasting 30 years in service.

Here are a couple of shots of the figures with a smattering of Officers and NCOs.

Here's a Nordenfelt Gun, its performance was said to be impressive but was eventually outclassed by the invention of the Maxim, shooting a maximum 600 rounds per minute through it's five barrels, it's effective range was about 400 yards.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Investigating the lead mountain

I have not managed to do any painting this week at all due to work and other commitments, hopefully I will remedy that tomorrow and make some progress on my ACW cavalry.

Briefly this morning I flirted with the idea of entering the Cold War tourney at Gripping Beast in January, alas the theme of the army was 'Dark Ages', up to 1066 no lances or crossbows. My existing Norman army could be used but this would have been an opportunity to upgrade the army. I have since changed my mind as I want to paint Napoleonics and ACW for Sharp Practice as well as finish my 6mm ACW.

I have brought the box of fresh WAB lead from the garage, I do have a bunch of Foundry blisters stacked away in another box, I thought I would take a little to see what I had in for a rainy day.

For Roman based games/armies, I have a unit of GB Praetorian Guard as well as a good number of A&A Numidian Foot and Mounted, which could be an allied force or perhaps a foe in a skirmish game.

Over the past few years I have collected a bunch of Spanish and Arab type figures to 'upgrade' my Norman army into Christian Spanish or Andalusian. The figures are from Artizan, Musketeer as well as Gripping Beast, and includes plenty of easy to paint Moors.

I also have a good sized bag of Dark Age figures from GB including Vikings and plenty of civilians for skirmish games as well as a even larger bag of mainly Foundry ECW foot.

I must try and get through some of this pile next year, it would be good to get some more skirmish games with the Romans and also to introduce the Normans to the club.

Reading wise I have been ploughing through Ralph Peters 'The Red Army', the only WW3 novel where the Soviets win, this has turned my mind to my 6mm Soviets languishing in the cupboard part painted and Cold War Commander. Of course not seeing Timecast's new 6mm petrol station would have helped but I suspect I will end up buying one.

Monday, 4 October 2010

And here's October!

Played CY6! again last night, my four Wildcats got bounced by 6 Zeroes on the limit of the flight time, here's a Wildcat with some improvised smoke!

Paid a visit to Derby at the weekend, brought home some more Perry ACW infantry and some dismounted cavalry for Terrible Sharp Sword, the supplement for sharp Practice now available from Toofatlardies. I'm getting my interest fired up for the period and will be getting my 6mm Confederates finished soon too.