Monday, 13 September 2010

Punch Buggy Red!

Colours 2010

Had an unexpected trip to Colours at Newbury racecourse on Sunday. Not a venue I had visited before but I had been to the old venue, Reading Hexagon plenty of times. Split over three floors, the venue was a good size and reasonable light and airy. Despite going on a Sunday, traditionally the quietest, the show seemed quite busy and there was a bit of a buzz.

I was there with a plan and pretty much stuck to it, buying figures for current projects and only one which was vaguely new. Here's a little photo collage of pretty much what came from the bag at the end of the day.

So I have a box of Victrix French infantry for Sharp Practice, another pack of Perry Naval Brigade (definitely not painted for the weekend), some Foundry paints, more plastic figures this time for the ACW variant of Sharp Practice which I have wangled a freebie copy, some flags and finally a pack of 15mm Sci-Fi figures from Critical Mass Games. Finally I grabbed a pack of Baccus ACW casualties, these will serve as stamina markers for Black Powder.

I have been wanting to see the figures from CMG for a while, the figures look great as do the walkers and their building range, I am not convinced by the four legged walkers. The figures look taller than my GZG figures and are certainly more expensive.

The Perry figures have a completely different approach from the Victrix. Some of the figures only need their hats sticking on, another few have arms as well. In all the box took perhaps 90 minutes to assemble. They are already undercoated and stuck on to bases. The Victrix French will need lots more cleaning up as some parts have flash and approximately half a dozen  parts per figure, sixty figures in the box equals plenty of work. Once the French are done I only need some artillery for the French and British and some British Cavalry to complete the project.

Finally tomorrow is a painting day, up early and a paint brush in hand all day to get things finished for Saturdays all day game, to make up for yesterdays trip to Newbury, at least I can avoid a day of "turn it off and back on again" - the day job!

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