Sunday, 26 September 2010

Projects Update

I was thinking about my current projects this morning, particularly thinking of what bits and pieces I would be picking up at Derby this weekend.

The project I should be painting is my ACW Confederate 6mm army, this will be lots of fun, particularly with Black Powder. I must admit I choose Confederate on purpose knowing that I wouldn't power through it like a Union army. I must knuckle under and get these done.

Now this is the project I am currently painting, ACW 28mm for Sharp Practice. My aim is to have the first box painted before Derby and that will certainly happen they are almost finished, then come the Cavalry. At Derby I shall buy another box of Infantry, a cannon and crew and some mounted officers. For now this will be all, next year I may add dismounted cavalry and perhaps a box of plastic zouaves.

Another project with plenty to do is my 28mm Napoleonics, again currently for Sharp Practice. I have British Highlanders, French infantry and dragoons to paint. To conclude this I will need some cavalry for the Brits and some artillery.

A project with hopefully not too much work required is 6mm Soviets for Cold War Commander. Finishing the armour is a quick task, but painting the infantry will take more time but easily achievable given a couple of weeks to dedicate to it.

I decided to paint an army for the new version of Warhammer, I had never painted Warriors of Chaos before, having Bretonnians, Vampire Counts and Dark Elves before. I have collected most of these models, need to complete assembly and start the mammoth painting.

And to add to these projects I have started another! Clearly I do have other projects, which are 'stalled' awaiting inspiration such as Modern 28mm Mogadishu, 20mm Cold War and 28mm WW2. These projects will no doubt get their moment in the spotlight, but for now I am revisiting another project I sold off, this time Lord of the Rings. I am focussing on a force for Gondor using only 2nd hand figures from eBay, so watch this space.

I have finished 3 projects so far this year, all which will be revisited in time.

6mm WW2 Pacific Air War - crying out for more planes and Japanese bombers

15mm Sci-Fi - Looking to get a game with these, perhaps with Tomorrow's War before I start making plans to add to them.

28mm Anglo Zulu war - Would like perhaps the Perry Gatling Gun and some more infantry in the future.

Must be time to do some more painting .........

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