Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Painting Day

Today I had a painting day. Now and again I like a day off in the week and just paint all day, good loads done today. Just so Mark L doesn't have a fit, I only finished the figures today!

I have finished the Renedra tents, whilst I am no expert on tents I feel these are good for as far back as Napoleonics. These are excellent value for money and well worth buying.

The Perry farmhouse is also finished, I have not bothered with the fences, I will do those another time as there wasn't really enough with the farmhouse to make it usable, you can buy further lengths from Renedra.

Finally I have finished the casualties for Black Powder, to allow for larger units I have numbered the sides from 1 to 4 and marked a further side as Shaken, a further dozen Zulus, and the remains of the Naval Brigade. You will also see some more redcoats in there, I was worried we might be short of Brits for Saturdays game so I bought some off ebay and tarted them up a bit. All these have had a coat of Army Painter and will be matted down tomorrow.

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