Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Painting ACW Part Three

A quick update on the ACW and other bits I'm doing at the moment, first off here's a WIP of last six Naval Brigade and the first of the eBay Gondor figures. The idea with the Gondor figures is to buy them all second hand - I might have gone mad, I spent about £20 and got nearly 100 foot and 5 mounted. Some of the figures have paint on, the really bad ones are bound for the bin.

The ACW foot have had a coat of Army Painter and I have started basing them. The cavalry have been started, the horses have the basecoat and the riders started, they may be finished by the weekend.

I do like the Officers in the ACW plastics, here's a shot, shame there is no bare head option so I could impale a hat on a sword. There are bare heads in the Victix so perhaps I could do a headswap.

Finally on another whim I have made up an Officer from the Victrix French Infantry box I bought at Colours.

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