Monday, 20 September 2010

Painting ACW Part One

Many years ago I bought and painted many hundred Dixon 25mm ACW figures, along with friends staged a number of re-enactments at Shows in the Midlands including Halesowen, Warcon and Derby - more by the efforts of others for terrain building and general organisation we won two best of shows.

My painting style has changed loads since then, my interest in ACW waned, but I wanted to put together a 6mm army and that is currently under way. More recently TooFatLardies have posted some excellent battle reports in their blog using their forthcoming expansion to Sharp Practice called Terrible Sharp Sword. This was all I needed and recently I bought a box of the Perry plastics.

Watching Merlin on  the telly I soon had the figures clipped from the sprues and the few separate bits glued on, a few thin coats of paint sprayed on later and the figures were glues to bases. As I had good feedback from the painting of the sailors I decided to paint the tunics of the Union in a similar way.

Stage One

I painted the tunics in GW Regal Blue using a 'wet brush' method, making sure that I got paint in all the right places. My style tends to start messy and then gets tidier as the figures progress on.

Stage Two

Now drybrush the figures using GW Fenris grey and once dry wash the tunics with thinned down GW Baddab black.

Stage Three

The trousers were painted with GW Shadow Grey taking care not to get paint on the tunics. Whilst painting these I have also squeezed in the 6 extra Naval Brigade I bought at Colours.

Hopefully tomorrow I will base coat the flesh areas which should bring these figures to life. Even though I will give these models a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone, I will still do some highlighting, particularly on the face as it blends nicely under the tinted varnish.

I bought a random standard for these, the 76th New York which unknown to me, were one of the first union infantry regiments to engage the Confederates at Gettysburg.

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