Thursday, 16 September 2010

Flocking 'eck

Spent some time tonight flocking the last of the figures for the weekends big game. First off here are the Zulu casualty figures (Old Glory, weapons and shields from a variety of sources).

Again more casualties from Old Glory, the weapons and odd shields are again a mix of Foundry, Wargames Factory and Old Glory.

Perry Miniatures Naval Brigade, I bought another pack Sunday and will probably by the Gatling gun in the future.

Will get some better pictures of these when I have some annual leave and can spend some time getting all the lighting etc. right.

Some Foundry Brits from eBay, I touched these up and gave them some varnish and flock. These will bolster the British forces this weekend.

A couple of shots of the Naval Brigade command figures.

These are odd Zulus rescued from eBay, some married and some in ceremonial dress.

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