Monday, 6 September 2010

Black Powder - trial game

Our next all day game is scheduled for 2 weeks and we wanted to at last give Black Powder a try, seemed like a good excuse to get out the Zulu figures. Basically we were trying to have as many situations crop up as might arise in a "real" game, so we ensured we had a good selection of troops.

The Zulu force comprises 6 Impis (one of which was a Royal Impi), a skirmish unit and 3 leaders (2 Ldr 8 and 1 Ldr 9). Opposing the Zulus was 2 units of British Line infantry, 2 units of Naval Brigade, 1 troop of Frontier Light Horse, a Gatling and a cannon. Again 2 Ldr 8 and 1 Ldr 9.

The following battle report was written up by our own roving reporter Mr Stephens.

Zulu turn 1-  the first brigade moved slowly on to the top of the hill in front of them,while the other 2 brigades flew 36" down table towards the British.

British turn 1 - Frontier Light Horse galloped towards the Zulus on the hill to just inside Carbine range and fired and missed, the artillery and regular infantry moved slowly up and fired on the main Impis without effect. The Naval Brigade moved to the top of the hill in front of them but the Native Contingent and gatling gun couldn't keep up. The Sailors fired and also did little damage

Turn 2 Zulu - The Impis on the hill ran headlong at the cavalry who evaded back and only just got out the way as the Zulus charged a massive 36", the main body of zulus split as the skirmish unit moved to cover the Naval Brigade and the Impis charged another 36" into the British Regulars, followed by another 2 Impis in support also managing this impressive distance.

During the combat phase the Zulus won one and the Brits won one the zulus passed their break test and the British failed theirs and broke (this we got wrong as there was a special rule for the British meaning they pass their first break test as if they rolled a 12, also they could also reroll 1 failed save).

Turn 2 - British. The cannon and horse moved slowly to reposition, as the Gatling gun came up and made a lot of noise but not a lot else. The Naval Brigade inflicted damage on the skirmishers as the Native Contingent worked round the flank during the continuing combat, the British won and the zulus fled 12".

Turn 3 saw the Zulu skirmishers charge the gattling gun but died after a failed break test, the main Impis tried to reform and the right flank failed to move.

Turn 3 - British saw the Naval brigade move to cover the Gatling Gun and the combined fire of the artillery, cavalry and British regulars drive off an Impi.

Turn 4 saw the Royal Impi charge the Naval Brigade and an Impi into the regulars in a nasty round of combat which saw both Impis and 1 Naval Brigade unit destroyed (although they should have passed their test - we missed the rule).

Turn 4 British - saw the Native Contingent charge the flank of another Impi which succumbed to the flank attack and finished the game with only 1 Zulu unit left.

A very enjoyable game, the speed of the movement can suprise, the fire from the Gatling is not effective at all. The Zulus charge is very good but countered by the British regulars and Naval Brigade passing their first break test.

In all this bodes pretty well for the all day game in a couple of weeks.

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