Sunday, 19 September 2010

Battle of Myer's Drift 1879

We decided to bring out our Zulu Wars figures and replay the scenario from the Black Powder rulebook.We used our gaming mats to create a 12 x 6 table, we didn't need it quite this big but in the end it probably helped the British.

Some historical background can be found here. Basically natives ambushed a supply column which was poorly set up, straddling the river, a few stragglers managed to get away and find refuge in a nearby farmhouse. The Zulus were set up on the table whilst the British relief column came on the table in march column.

The officer commanding the Naval Brigade brought them on in good order, along with the volunteer cavalry.

The 88th commanded by Sir Marmaduke Surridge had difficulties coming on the table, rumours of the column being halted, as the officers best tableware were mislaid have so far been unproven. The Zulu impis previously looting the game surge forward to meet the British. The cavalry brigade form a screen at the farmhouse in an attempt to dissuade the Zulus.

The Zulu right horn charged and hit the cavalry who choose to stand and fire. The cavalry were driven off and the Zulus charged Sgt Booth and his stragglers in the farmhouse. Luckily for the plucky Brits the farmhouse was solidly built and helped keep the Zulu out.

The Naval Brigade turned to face and bring fire of the Zulus causing casualties as the 88th finally moved on to the table, to find Zulus charging towards them.

The Zulus pulled back from the farmhouse unable to break in, as the Royal Impis charged the 88th.

After much fighting only one company of the 88th remained and after breaking an Impi surged forward and then found itself outnumbered and surrounded.

In an effort to take some of the pressure from the 88th, the NNC and volunteer cavalry charged in. The cavalry found themselves charged in return.

Finally after a firefight with the Zulus, the stragglers leave the farmhouse under the cover of the Naval Brigade and begin the retreat from the table.

The game took us about five hours to play, both sides took casualties both the Brits got the stragglers out, so we happily called it a draw. It is clear that the Zulus particularly can be quite brittle and need the 'generals' to remove their casualties. Now we have played a game this size, we can certainly certainly do this on a normal club night. We will  be trying the rules with Sudan 15mm, Napoleonic 6mm and eventually ACW 6mm too.

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MarkG said...

Looks like a good game. Shame I missed it. look forward to giving the rules I go myself.