Saturday, 7 August 2010


Every now and again you might want to remove paint from a miniature, perhaps it's an old figure or one you bought second hand. Stripping paint can be a very dangerous and messy procedure, often the chemicals used are very toxic. Many different people use different products including commercial products like Nitromorse or oven cleaner.

Following some research on various forums I decided to try the disinfectant Dettol, which contains Pinesol. Always wear rubber gloves, do not let undiluted Dettol touch your skin.

I popped some miniatures in a jam jar, then covered them with Dettol and screwed the lid on. I am going to leave these for a few days before I start to look at them.

In the picture below you can see the paint has already started to come off, this photo was taken after about four hours.

And again below shows some plastic horses with a rider still glued on. I was concerned that the plastic might be attacked so I removed them after 5 hours, washing the horses off in lots of cold water, the rider went in to the jam jar.

I shall need an old toothbrush to get the paint off I suspect but I shall wait until later in the week, possibly even the weekend as the liquid can't harm the figures.

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