Sunday, 1 August 2010

The ruinous powers

Have I sold my soul to the ruinous powers? Fear not, I only rent it out! As if I didn't have enough projects on the go, GW release a new edition of Warhammer. The enormous and lavish rulebook is a treat to look at and after a very good internet offer I found myself with both the new rulebook and the Warriors of Chaos battalion.

Good deals, as much as 17.5% off with free postage can be found on the internet and many second hand bargains are on ebay. Luckily for me, Ade had a selection of miniatures surplus to his requirements, so a trip to his garage and I now have more than 2000 points of troops to paint or rebase.

Here's a small unit of Chaos Knights dedicated to Nurgle.

Next up, an older unit of Chaos Warriors, slightly converted to raise their heads, dedicated to Khorne.

Finding myself with about 70 Marauders, I have decided to initially organise them in to units of 25 in 5 ranks. I am making each unit with a different weapon option, I am fairly liberal with my depictions of units, so long as the first two ranks of a unit look right then I am happy.

Marauders with hand weapons and shields.

Marauders with flails.

Marauders with two handed weapons.


6mm aircraft for a game in a couple of weeks, they need some finishing off and decals.

Perry Miniatures American farmhouse, this will do duty as a mission station for Anglo Zulu games.

Finally, here are the Renedra tents, usable for many periods from Napoleonics to World War 1.

I have a game later, more Ambush Alley, so have some in game photos to post in a few days.

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