Monday, 16 August 2010

Chocks Away!

Last night saw the first run out of Check your 6! We decided to try the scenario called 'The Swede' this is a scenario based on historical engagement between a lone Dauntless dive bomber and three Japanese Zero fighters. The US pilot is an Ace whilst the Zeros are rated Green due to fatigue.

I agonised for ages about flight stands, really wanting something that would represent altitude and speed, for now I used the Raiden flight stands, cutting off the pegs and replaced them with a magnet. I found the peg holes on the underside of the aircraft were exactly the right size to take a smaller magnet. Speed and Altitude are represented by two small dice.

First time you play a new set of rules you have to work stuff out as you go along, you will always make mistakes. I scored hits on two of the three Zeroes last night and we missed the Out of Controls rolls out as well as the fact that Zeroes lose a point of Agility when moving at top speed.

I made a mistake by making too extreme a turn, dropping my speed down. I was then trapped by the Zeroes. A hit from a cannon caused a catastrophic explosion blowing the Dauntless from the sky.

The rules worked well, we are going to repeat this scenario at a future time swapping sides. I have ordered the Guadalcanal campaign book which should match up with my current collection.

Meanwhile on the next table, an All Things Zombie game was under way, I must get around to painting my zombies, need to see the chicken man on the table. I also picked up my copy of the new WAB rules, must be time to get the Normans out soon.

Meanwhile on the painting table, the Zulus and British casualties are coming on well and will probably be finished by the end of the week. Here's a blurry out of focus photo!

The models I had soaking in Dettol where pulled out, the paint seems to have been stripped. However the process seemed to produce a horrid black tar like substance last seem coming out of peoples eyes on The X-Files. I have managed to clear up, the toothbrush was chucked away, the rubber gloves are still black but the sink is clean!

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MarkG said...

Great game on Sunday Paul. I to picked upon the fact that the Zero should lose one point of agility at max speed, after re-reading the rules. Overall though Pilot skill and low velocity cannon rule!