Friday, 13 August 2010

Check your 6! aircraft ready for the weekend.

Well the aircraft are all ready for Sunday, here's a photo of the planes mounted on the magnetic stands. Some of the decal film still shows, I did hope that the decal solution would have stopped the silvering, I may give them a coat of Humbrol Mat-cote in the future to see if it fixes it.

Sunday will see the first game of Check your 6!, Mark has a blue hex mat, the quick reference sheets are laminated, just need a reread the rules.

The aircraft are from Raiden Miniatures, the little magnets are from ebay.

We have a Zulu game coming up, first in 2 weeks in a run through of Black Powder, then two weeks after an all day game. I have rounded up some more stuff, 12 more Foundry Zulus and both British and Zulu dead packs from Old Glory to use as casualty markers. I need to paint the Naval brigade too, need to pull the finger out.

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