Monday, 16 August 2010

Chocks Away!

Last night saw the first run out of Check your 6! We decided to try the scenario called 'The Swede' this is a scenario based on historical engagement between a lone Dauntless dive bomber and three Japanese Zero fighters. The US pilot is an Ace whilst the Zeros are rated Green due to fatigue.

I agonised for ages about flight stands, really wanting something that would represent altitude and speed, for now I used the Raiden flight stands, cutting off the pegs and replaced them with a magnet. I found the peg holes on the underside of the aircraft were exactly the right size to take a smaller magnet. Speed and Altitude are represented by two small dice.

First time you play a new set of rules you have to work stuff out as you go along, you will always make mistakes. I scored hits on two of the three Zeroes last night and we missed the Out of Controls rolls out as well as the fact that Zeroes lose a point of Agility when moving at top speed.

I made a mistake by making too extreme a turn, dropping my speed down. I was then trapped by the Zeroes. A hit from a cannon caused a catastrophic explosion blowing the Dauntless from the sky.

The rules worked well, we are going to repeat this scenario at a future time swapping sides. I have ordered the Guadalcanal campaign book which should match up with my current collection.

Meanwhile on the next table, an All Things Zombie game was under way, I must get around to painting my zombies, need to see the chicken man on the table. I also picked up my copy of the new WAB rules, must be time to get the Normans out soon.

Meanwhile on the painting table, the Zulus and British casualties are coming on well and will probably be finished by the end of the week. Here's a blurry out of focus photo!

The models I had soaking in Dettol where pulled out, the paint seems to have been stripped. However the process seemed to produce a horrid black tar like substance last seem coming out of peoples eyes on The X-Files. I have managed to clear up, the toothbrush was chucked away, the rubber gloves are still black but the sink is clean!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Check your 6! aircraft ready for the weekend.

Well the aircraft are all ready for Sunday, here's a photo of the planes mounted on the magnetic stands. Some of the decal film still shows, I did hope that the decal solution would have stopped the silvering, I may give them a coat of Humbrol Mat-cote in the future to see if it fixes it.

Sunday will see the first game of Check your 6!, Mark has a blue hex mat, the quick reference sheets are laminated, just need a reread the rules.

The aircraft are from Raiden Miniatures, the little magnets are from ebay.

We have a Zulu game coming up, first in 2 weeks in a run through of Black Powder, then two weeks after an all day game. I have rounded up some more stuff, 12 more Foundry Zulus and both British and Zulu dead packs from Old Glory to use as casualty markers. I need to paint the Naval brigade too, need to pull the finger out.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Every now and again you might want to remove paint from a miniature, perhaps it's an old figure or one you bought second hand. Stripping paint can be a very dangerous and messy procedure, often the chemicals used are very toxic. Many different people use different products including commercial products like Nitromorse or oven cleaner.

Following some research on various forums I decided to try the disinfectant Dettol, which contains Pinesol. Always wear rubber gloves, do not let undiluted Dettol touch your skin.

I popped some miniatures in a jam jar, then covered them with Dettol and screwed the lid on. I am going to leave these for a few days before I start to look at them.

In the picture below you can see the paint has already started to come off, this photo was taken after about four hours.

And again below shows some plastic horses with a rider still glued on. I was concerned that the plastic might be attacked so I removed them after 5 hours, washing the horses off in lots of cold water, the rider went in to the jam jar.

I shall need an old toothbrush to get the paint off I suspect but I shall wait until later in the week, possibly even the weekend as the liquid can't harm the figures.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Contracting Trouble part 3

Last night I ran the Contracting Trouble in Ambush Alley for Ade and Garry, this was the third time I'd played or run this scenario.

Ade managed to get a win for the US Forces, Garry had dreadful luck with his dice and reinforcements. Meanwhile the postman brought me a 16 year old chaos mage I bought off ebay.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

The ruinous powers

Have I sold my soul to the ruinous powers? Fear not, I only rent it out! As if I didn't have enough projects on the go, GW release a new edition of Warhammer. The enormous and lavish rulebook is a treat to look at and after a very good internet offer I found myself with both the new rulebook and the Warriors of Chaos battalion.

Good deals, as much as 17.5% off with free postage can be found on the internet and many second hand bargains are on ebay. Luckily for me, Ade had a selection of miniatures surplus to his requirements, so a trip to his garage and I now have more than 2000 points of troops to paint or rebase.

Here's a small unit of Chaos Knights dedicated to Nurgle.

Next up, an older unit of Chaos Warriors, slightly converted to raise their heads, dedicated to Khorne.

Finding myself with about 70 Marauders, I have decided to initially organise them in to units of 25 in 5 ranks. I am making each unit with a different weapon option, I am fairly liberal with my depictions of units, so long as the first two ranks of a unit look right then I am happy.

Marauders with hand weapons and shields.

Marauders with flails.

Marauders with two handed weapons.


6mm aircraft for a game in a couple of weeks, they need some finishing off and decals.

Perry Miniatures American farmhouse, this will do duty as a mission station for Anglo Zulu games.

Finally, here are the Renedra tents, usable for many periods from Napoleonics to World War 1.

I have a game later, more Ambush Alley, so have some in game photos to post in a few days.