Monday, 5 July 2010

I sunk your battleship

Last night Mark's WW1 naval game had it's first outing. The name of the ruleset escapes me for the moment but they were easy to understand and fast to play. Mark's collection is based on the Battle for the Falkland islands, the ships are from Skytrex's 1/3000th range, nicely based with waves and the ship's name - essential in this scale.

Tonights scenario was based on the Battle of Coronel, set late in October 1914. The German navy caught up with a British formation and severely mauled them resulting in the Royal Navies first defeat in a century.

My ships comprised SMS Scharnhost, Gneisenau, Leipzig, Nurnberg and Dresden. The Dresden was sunk losing all hands after succumbing to a fire in her engine room. The elderly British Battleship HMS Canapus fired on Gneisenau outranging it's guns, as they closed the distance, Gneisenau returned fire and a fluke shot caused the poorly stored British ammunition to explode tearing through the ship and sending her to the deep.

The British cruisers HMS Good Hope and HMS Monmouth faced the Germans, returning their fire but both were engaged at close range by guns and torpedoes until they too sank.

This was an excellent game and proved that you don't have to spent a fortune on large armies or fancy figures to have a good game - the blue cloth used for the sea cost more than the miniatures used. In a similiar vein I have a set of 1/285th Raiden Miniatures planes for the Battle of Midway as well as a rule set but have been put off by a lack of a hex map - I have an idea to work around that now so perhaps I will see those painted sooner rather than later.

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