Monday, 12 July 2010

100 posts!

Well this is my 100th post, lots of stuff to share. First off is a em4 Future War sniper sculpted by Mark Copplestone for Grenadier Games. This was my entry for a recent speed paint on The Guild wargaming forum.

Next up for WW2 and VBCW are some Crusader Miniatures early war British, I was short of squad LMGs so the four Bren teams are more than enough. Lovely sculpts and nice and straightforward to paint.

Now here are some GW Bretonnians from the fifth edition boxed set. These are very historical and this unit managed to slip the net when I sold off the rest. I have tarted this unit up with a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone to improve the contrast and provide some much needed shade and definition.

This weekend was Tewkesbury Medieval Festival which I had visited in the past but decided to pay another visit as it is so close. The festival is well worth a visit and this year the great weather certainly pulled people in. There were approximately two thousand re-enactors from all over the UK, Europe and even Japan. Much of the traders are there to sell replica kit to the re-enactors but others sold a variety of wares - certainly something for everyone.

I have been reading a book on the Air War over Korea which I though might be a good topic for a game with the end of prop driven aircraft and the beginning of jet fighters dogfighting. Hopefully I should have the Wessex Games Airwar C21 ruleset arrive tomorrow and the Jet version of Check your 6! has just been released.

Continuing my interest in the Korean War, I have bought a copy of the Max Hastings book on eBay, I gave up trying to order it from the library as the local copy seems to have gone missing. I may also re-purpose some of my WW2 micro armour to make some armies for Cold War Commander.

Next time I hope to be able to show you my Aircraft Control Tower, almost finished but still camera shy for now.

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