Saturday, 19 June 2010

Weekend Painting

I have had some painting inspiration this week so with DVDs on the PC, I have been painting a variety of stuff as my fancy struck.

I had a package from North Star this week, 4 packs of early war British infantry. These will add some much needed firepower, in the form of Bren Guns, to my Home Guard. I also had the last of the VBCW source books giving me some more inspiration for our mini campaign.

To start with I have given the uniforms a thinned down coat of Vallejo British Uniform, and I will add another coat tomorrow.

This week I have also been adding paint to my 6mm ACW forces. I will have some Zouaves complete soon.

 Last year I also bought an Athenian DBA army from Xyston. I undercoated these last year and got them out last night a slapped some flesh on them. I will tidy them up with some tunics later. They are more expensive than other 15mm ranges, fiddly with separate shields and spears but they are fab and a army is quite small.

 Must start the control tower tomorrow, it will be a simple box, with big windows on one side.

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