Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Off the Boil .......

Well it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. My last game of Napoleonic skirmish went a bit flat in my opinion, the others might have enjoyed it but I misremembered the rules so there was far more musketry in the game than should have been, Mark alas paid the price with his riflemen taking a beating.

As with these things my attention wavers, I have spent a little time on my robin hood project, reading a couple of books and watching DVDs whilst painting. I have been painting some old Battle Honours partisans mainly for VBCW, these are getting the Army Painter stain, they are currently very shiny and once matted I will photograph them. Hopefully before long I will have some more British Infantry from Crusader to flesh out my Home Guard and provide some much needed Bren Guns.

VBCW is the topic of our next big game, set around the battle for Perdiswell Airfield, I have volunteered to  make a control tower, there are loads of photos on the internet, but none survive of this one, giving me carte blanche to make it how I want! Some plastic windows are currently on their way then I shall start drawing up the plans on foam core.

We may have a contingent visiting this event, I am hoping for a Hadrian's Wall detour!

I am also painting up a set of Copplestone Bio-Chem Troopers, like the ones below although mine are grey and black and I have a number of plans for these in the pipeline. All the Copplestone figures are easier and fun to paint, I have a fancy to paint some more of this range as opponents for my Neo-Sovs.

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Little Odo said...

I like the look of these minis but would like to see your version of them as your colour scheme sounds more interesting.