Monday, 14 June 2010

Museum Weekend

This weekend I got the car out and visited friends. In Oxford I popped in to the newly(ish) revamped Ashmolean Museum for a couple of hours. It is very impressive inside, I took the decision not to take a camera this weekend but I still have a handful of shots taken on my phone.

Saturday saw me on the train to London, we called in on the British Museum, again like Fridays visit to the Ashmolean, there is so much stuff to see I went for some of the big exhibits and other things which caught my eye.

Here is the fabled Rosetta Stone which led to great advances in translating Egyptian hieroglyphs.

An Assyrian statue.

One of many panels in the Parthenon room - many showed Greeks fighting with centaurs. Part of the famous 'Elgin Marbles'.

A Corinthean helmet and arrowheads from Marathon.

Another helmet, all the Greek helmets we saw looked small.

A Roman Legionary's helmet.

Full face cavalry helmet.

This is the legendary Sutton Hoo helmet, below is the modern reconstruction.

Shown with the Sutton Hoo helmet has this massive shield used to display the various remaining components, the shield boss on the other side but this side shows the detail of the hand-grip.

Both these museums have so many things to see, you need to pick some things you want to see and then just go exploring. What was interesting was how many of the exhibits were familiar from their use in various books. A definite must for wargamers if only to put our historical games in to context.

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