Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Modern Vehicles - mini reviews

I am always on the look out for alternate sources for modern vehicles particularly if they don't need assembling. First up is the Battlefield Evolution WZ-551 from Mongoose Games, these are produced to a scale of 1:65 and were one of the first ranges of pre-painted miniatures to come out of China. The initial release of miniatures disappointed many with the actual product not living up to pre-release samples.

Mongoose don't seem to be actively selling this range but the models appear regularly on eBay. This one cost me £3.71 plus the postage. I have shown the model, straight from the box with one of my Copplestone Bio-Chem troopers. In real life, this is a large vehicle, nine and half feet high and nearly twenty two feet long, however as its all closed up so that makes it a little more flexible scale wise.

I shall use this as a scout car perhaps with a four man crew with my Neo-Sovs but I could also see it as a security vehicle perhaps repainted blue.

When I started putting my Ambush Alley collection together I made a list of all the models needed for the scenarios and needed a LAV-25. Alas Dragon didn't make one of these which left me with the prospect of making the Trumpeter kit. eBay came to the rescue and I bought a LAV-25 AT and of course it was a LAV-AT equipped with the hammerhead TOW launcher and not the turreted 25mm. The model was a diecast from CDC Armour, it has a good weight and detail but not what I wanted.

The "Bravo Team" range is produced by Unimax who produce the Forces of Valor range, these much cheaper and are more toy styled than their other range, the models are retailing at around £7 each in the UK and I have seen them both on eBay and in model shops selling Dragon and Forces of Valor.

Here;s the model next to a Liberation Miniatures 20mm US Marine. The scale is right and it compares well size wise with the CDC model. Detail is softer and both the cannon and the frankly laughable machine gun seem to be made of a slightly softer plastic. The model has a ok paint scheme  but could do with some weathering up, I certainly wouldn't wouldn't worry about sticking it on the table for a game, but ultimately will replace the MG and tart up the paint job.

Here are the two models together, placing the wheels together the match up quite well. Best see them in the flesh if you are curious, the painted models are thought to be the best.

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