Monday, 7 June 2010

The heat of Africa

Last night saw another game of Ambush Alley, this time in 28mm and part of Stu's campaign set in Africa. I won't spoil the after action report, he's writing that one up for the club page.

The figures are a mix of TAG and Mofo with an occasional Copplestone figure in there too. Buildings are Crescent Root, Hovels, Snapdragon and scratchbuilts. Scenery is fish tank greenery and plastic palm tress intended for cake decorating. Cloth is Mat-O-War.

Seeing all the pristine cars reminds me that I could do with a whole bunch of rusted wrecked cars for 28mm games, I have one, a resin from Old Crow.

Adobe buildings really are amongst the most versatile buildings you can buy for gaming. Pretty timeless over several millennia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Wild West and even parts of the Iberian Peninsula.

In 28mm, it is important to double move distances in Ambush Alley otherwise the regulars will get destroyed by the waves of insurgents. Luckily Mark didn't have that problem.

I think the secret is maintaining good interlocking fields of fire and overwatch. Once you start to take casualties then it starts to get messy fast.

Do we knock or are we expected?

The excellent centerpiece with the roofs removed. Gatecrashers, always causing trouble at parties.

I have also been looking at the price of putting armies together and decided that I would compare the cost of a similar size of army across various scales and manufacturers. I was looking at Napoleonics and at basic infantry and cavalry only. If command figures were separate (like OG) I ignored them, also I ignored any special offers or army deals.

I must confess to being a fan of 6mm figures for large 18th and 19th century games, lots of advantages so log as the units to become too small. Make up your own basing and use the 15mm moves, which is what we did for Napoleonics using General de Brigade. We have had great games with players having divisional size forces each.

Some people like to use smaller figures with bigger bases and packing out the bases, that looks good but then you lose out on several of the advantages of 6mm figures which is cost and playing and storage space.

Here's a shot of a game from way back, see all the room you get - no more anchoring your line at the table edges. Cavalry come into their own when the have room to move.

Ok, enough of that I really need to get my ACW painted!

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