Sunday, 2 May 2010

Painting April 2010

Quite a lack of newly painted miniatures this month as I have been focusing on get more scenery ready for Ambush Alley.

Just some basic foam core boxes, plastered with filler and painted. Eventually these will have aircon units and satellite dishes. The roller shuttered unit is in fact a barbers, the poor arabic on the shutter says 'Closed'.

A basic square compound, the gates aren't fixed on as I am probably going to change them. But other adobes can be placed inside.

Here is the Hovels tomb, used again as a Mosque - I will make a minaret when I find a design I like as many seem to be octagonal but I will need something simpler.

Here is another house insipired by one of the Italeri country houses, the black and white tiles I saw on COD4. Sometimes I put the game into two player mode and just wander around looking at the builders for ideas. The building signs were all cut from real photos from Iraq.

So as not to forget that all modern towns have an infrastructure, I raided the railway section of a local model shop for telegraph poles and street lights. The road signs were taken from 1/35th scale sheets on the web mounted on plastic card, these are glued to bent wire.

The Soviet armour has had it's initial coat of green paint and then has been mounted to the bases for the rest of the painting. Here are three battalions of tanks and one of BMP1 APCs. I need to add some BTRs to this force and there are some more bits and pieces I will need.

Barrels, crates and buckets - useful props for many genres. Below is the shop I painted last month with it's fish shop sign and a couple of barrels and a bucket for the scraps.

April purchases were relatively small;

Victrix - 2 Mounted Officers and a Pioneer
C-in-C - 6mm 4 x Stugs and 5 x PzIV H for BKC, 3 x BRDM2 for CWC.
Ebay - 2 old style Citadel Dwarves
Odd scenic bits from Antenocitis Workshop.

and of course my 2 free Ghouls from Mantic games, had I got to either Triples or Salute this would have been more substantial I'm sure.

Should have an after action report tomorrow after tonight's game.

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