Monday, 3 May 2010

Blue Range Rover Down

Finally I had collected sufficient terrain to put a game of Ambush Alley on, not having played the rules for about a year I decided to replay the "Contracting Trouble" scenario.

In this game a couple of independent military contractors had broken down in the middle of town, as we know the Range Rover is both the best and worst 4x4 on the market and alas the AA wouldn't come to their aid so it was down to the Marine Corps.

Here is the table with the northern edge at the bottom of the image, the Marines needed to escort the contractors off the south or west edges.

Here are the contractors, they have been holding insurgents at bay for some time but they are wounded and now out of ammunition.

The Marines advance directly up the main road towards their target.

The insurgents initial fire on the Marines was inaccurate and was answered with fierce and accurate fire from the Marines. Reinforcements entered the table and massed on the top of the building out of side from the Marines.

The Insurgents move to the other side of the building to fire on the Marines. Exchanging fire with the Marines thins out their forces.

The Marines reach the contractors and this is where it begins to go wrong for the US forces.

Reaching the contractors causes them to lose a firepower dice, they then take a casualty which further reduces their firepower. They have to take cover in the nearby house to check the casualty who they find is KIA.

The second fireteam takes cover in another house after coming under fire.

Insurgents now cross the street and rush up the main road. The second squad rush out exchange fire with insurgents who taken taken by surprise.

Insurgents are caught in the open in the middle of the road and are cut down by the Marines, the Marines take another casualty in both fireteams drastically reducing their effectiveness. Both teams now struggling with casualties are moving towards a possible exit off the top west corner of the table.

Taking cover in another house, the second fireteam checks its wounded whilst taking further fire. The team with the contractors moves around the fish shop to fire down the main road.

Getting closer to the table edge, the now remaining fireteam are forced to again take cover in a house whilst coming under insurgent fire.

Insurgent reinforcements come on table exactly in the worse place for the Marines, now faced with a crossfire, at this point the last Marines are gunned down.

So a complete loss for the Marines, perhaps we should have played with the Fog of War cards after all. My luck, playing the US changed as soon as I reached the contractors. Dane, playing the Insurgents managed to get a couple of good reinforcement rolls, leaving him with several large groups with plenty of capacity to both inflict damage and soak it up.

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MarkG said...

Excellent work Paul. Very inspirational. Must get on with my 28mm AA figures.