Sunday, 16 May 2010

Back to Spain

We are playing Song of Drums and Shakos this evening, this gave me the excuse to repaint the Italeri Church and make some modifications to it to make it more 28mm friendly. Here is the original kit, mine was painted darker than the box art and I wasn't too happy with it.

The light seems poor this afternoon, but hopefully these two shots will give you the idea. I have cut away the small steps and added resin doors from Antenociti's Workshop, building little porches with pantile plastic card.

Also you may recall the Adobes I made from Hirst Arts bricks, here are two with some 20mm modern figures from Liberation Miniatures.

I have made new doors, carefully blutacked in place and plug in window shutters. This makes the good for 28mm as well as 20mm.

I need to crack on with the ACW now and avoid starting anything else!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another Plastics Review

Well there I was sitting on the sofa watching the TV, absent-mindedly browsing ebay when I suddenly decided it was a good idea to buy some more plastic figures. The two sets I bought were the Immortal Miniatures Hoplites and the Wargames Factory Numidian Light Infantry.

The Hoplites are for skirmish games either against contemporary opponents or mythic beasts and baddies, I already have a Hydra and a Medusa. The Numidians are classic light infantry which can be used as unarmoured greeks or romans and again can be used in different games. I am planning a jewish revolt game but that might be an excuse to paint romans on camels.

The two sets of figures arrived today, Tuesday, which was excellent as it was Sunday when I bought them. Both sets of figures are excellent but are different in conception. The Hoplites are sculpted as 3 ups, then are reduced in size for the production of the tooling, the Numidians are designed using CAD software on a computer.

Hoplite Command Sprue

The Hoplites come in a box as shown , 34 figures split across four identical sprues of eight figures and the command sprue with a further 2 figures on, also included is a sheet of shield decals and a set of figure bases.

The command sprue has a leader in a muscled cuirass and and a unarmoured musician, plenty of helmet and crest options. There is also a couple of the older dipylon shields and a pair of arms wielding the kopesh.

The main sprue has eight bodies with bronze cuirass, linen cuirass and tunic. Absolutely loads of helmets and crest options, hoplons (shields), ten spear arms and a single sword wielding arm. I shall be interested to see how much variety is possible with these arms, some are underarm and some overarm.

Main Hoplite Sprue

As I am not trying to reproduce a phalanx, I shall use all the sword arms I have. No bare heads are included, and some of the heads look rather small but I am sure they will be fine once glued to the bodies.

In comparison, the Numidians come in a clear plastic wrapper, with seven of each of the two sprues. The body sprue, shown below, comes with the four bodies and six pairs of arms. All bodies are unarmoured and two of the bodies are barefoot.

Numidian Body Sprue

The weapon sprue has nine heads, four are bareheaded, I shall use all the bareheaded on my models intending them to be more timeless. Along with the pieces for the command figures like standard and musician horn arm come 4 shields, 2 bows, 4 swords, quivers, scabbarded swords, javelins and slings.

Numidian Weapon Sprue

I shall make good use of all weapon options on these figures to give me a nice mix of figures. Once completed I shall post photos of completed figures for comparison, the figures will be painted as neutral as possible to increase their usefulness.

So that's another 62 figures bought on a whim. The Numidians will be done first whilst the Hoplites will go away for a rainy day, I am pleased with both sets of figures and they are now widely available from a variety of stockists in the UK.

I have started on the 6mm ACW figures at long last and have completed a 'new' building for Sundays Napoleonic skirmish game.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

On to Richmond

I have finally got to undercoating my 6mm Baccus ACW troops, I had painted a couple of sample bases ages ago but I wasn't happy with them. Dane has painted all his so I need to pull my finger out and have another go.

The figures are going to be based 2 strips to a 20mm square and four or more squares to a unit. Rules will be Guns to Gettysburg or Black Powder depending how we feel at the time.

I have also done some minor remodeling on the Italeri Church which hopefully will make it a little more useful - you will have to wait for the photos, needs more paint at the moment.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Blue Range Rover Down

Finally I had collected sufficient terrain to put a game of Ambush Alley on, not having played the rules for about a year I decided to replay the "Contracting Trouble" scenario.

In this game a couple of independent military contractors had broken down in the middle of town, as we know the Range Rover is both the best and worst 4x4 on the market and alas the AA wouldn't come to their aid so it was down to the Marine Corps.

Here is the table with the northern edge at the bottom of the image, the Marines needed to escort the contractors off the south or west edges.

Here are the contractors, they have been holding insurgents at bay for some time but they are wounded and now out of ammunition.

The Marines advance directly up the main road towards their target.

The insurgents initial fire on the Marines was inaccurate and was answered with fierce and accurate fire from the Marines. Reinforcements entered the table and massed on the top of the building out of side from the Marines.

The Insurgents move to the other side of the building to fire on the Marines. Exchanging fire with the Marines thins out their forces.

The Marines reach the contractors and this is where it begins to go wrong for the US forces.

Reaching the contractors causes them to lose a firepower dice, they then take a casualty which further reduces their firepower. They have to take cover in the nearby house to check the casualty who they find is KIA.

The second fireteam takes cover in another house after coming under fire.

Insurgents now cross the street and rush up the main road. The second squad rush out exchange fire with insurgents who taken taken by surprise.

Insurgents are caught in the open in the middle of the road and are cut down by the Marines, the Marines take another casualty in both fireteams drastically reducing their effectiveness. Both teams now struggling with casualties are moving towards a possible exit off the top west corner of the table.

Taking cover in another house, the second fireteam checks its wounded whilst taking further fire. The team with the contractors moves around the fish shop to fire down the main road.

Getting closer to the table edge, the now remaining fireteam are forced to again take cover in a house whilst coming under insurgent fire.

Insurgent reinforcements come on table exactly in the worse place for the Marines, now faced with a crossfire, at this point the last Marines are gunned down.

So a complete loss for the Marines, perhaps we should have played with the Fog of War cards after all. My luck, playing the US changed as soon as I reached the contractors. Dane, playing the Insurgents managed to get a couple of good reinforcement rolls, leaving him with several large groups with plenty of capacity to both inflict damage and soak it up.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Painting April 2010

Quite a lack of newly painted miniatures this month as I have been focusing on get more scenery ready for Ambush Alley.

Just some basic foam core boxes, plastered with filler and painted. Eventually these will have aircon units and satellite dishes. The roller shuttered unit is in fact a barbers, the poor arabic on the shutter says 'Closed'.

A basic square compound, the gates aren't fixed on as I am probably going to change them. But other adobes can be placed inside.

Here is the Hovels tomb, used again as a Mosque - I will make a minaret when I find a design I like as many seem to be octagonal but I will need something simpler.

Here is another house insipired by one of the Italeri country houses, the black and white tiles I saw on COD4. Sometimes I put the game into two player mode and just wander around looking at the builders for ideas. The building signs were all cut from real photos from Iraq.

So as not to forget that all modern towns have an infrastructure, I raided the railway section of a local model shop for telegraph poles and street lights. The road signs were taken from 1/35th scale sheets on the web mounted on plastic card, these are glued to bent wire.

The Soviet armour has had it's initial coat of green paint and then has been mounted to the bases for the rest of the painting. Here are three battalions of tanks and one of BMP1 APCs. I need to add some BTRs to this force and there are some more bits and pieces I will need.

Barrels, crates and buckets - useful props for many genres. Below is the shop I painted last month with it's fish shop sign and a couple of barrels and a bucket for the scraps.

April purchases were relatively small;

Victrix - 2 Mounted Officers and a Pioneer
C-in-C - 6mm 4 x Stugs and 5 x PzIV H for BKC, 3 x BRDM2 for CWC.
Ebay - 2 old style Citadel Dwarves
Odd scenic bits from Antenocitis Workshop.

and of course my 2 free Ghouls from Mantic games, had I got to either Triples or Salute this would have been more substantial I'm sure.

Should have an after action report tomorrow after tonight's game.