Thursday, 15 April 2010

Scenario ideas for Song of Drums and Shakos

Whilst I have been painting recently I have rewatched all of Sharpe and most of Hornblower on DVD for inspiration. I have also been reading Mark Urban's book on the Rifles as well as Mark Adkin's Sharpe Companion which showed just how much ITV messed with Sharpe to get him on the TV.

Both books have left me with plenty of game ideas, the format I shall try is to create a series of encounters linked by the results which will make up the evenings game.

One such game will be based on the skirmish for the bridge of Barba del Puerco (literally 'Pigs Beard') in March 1810. The bridge is on the Spanish Portuguese border, on one side the Light Division under black Bob Crauford and on the other the French army under Massena.

The 95th Rifles guarded the bridge. In opposition, Massena massed voltigeurs and grenadiers together and stuck the bridge killing the sentries and then advanced towards the bridge. Luckily the rest of the unit on guard was roused and as they started to feed in to the skirmish their superior marksmanship started to take its toll.

Historically the French were beaten back taking proportionally many more casualties than the British and it took the French some time to attack again. Further information on the many skirmishes which happened here can also be found here along with some photos of the bridge more recently.

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