Monday, 19 April 2010

More bits and pieces

Painting has not been quite so hectic lately after I finishing tarting up the Spanish buildings and walls for my game last weekend. Since them I have been doing some basing and undercoating, I like to base figures then paint them as it stops me having to repaint the boots and trousers after my sloppy basing!

So on the undercoating tray I have;

20 Victrix Highlanders
16 Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas
8 Steve Barber Sailors
8 Perry Dismounted Dragoons

Also I have completed the base green on my 6mm Soviet hordes for CWC, alas my order to Perry Miniatures for some civilian figures suitable for the peninsula has disappeared in to the ether, at least now I can add the armed priests I found about 60 seconds after I pressed send on the original order.

Here's a photo from yesterdays game, christening my new green gaming mat from Mat-O-War, excellent value, I have the green and desert mats.

The mat performed well, my German infantry not so - the dice gods were not with me. The mats are surprisingly thick and get take paint etc to customize them.

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