Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mini Review - Mantic Ghouls

Mantic and Wayland Games had an offer, subscribe to the email lists and get a free sprue of ghouls, seemed a reasonable offer so I gave it a go.

So bodies come in two halves split at the waist and a head goes on the end of the neck. Arms are part of the torso and can't be posed. There are a couple of bits like a hand grasping a dagger and an 'Edward Scissorhands' hands which you add presumably by cutting off the existing hands.

These may be ghouls but at my house they will be savage zombies, here is a comparison with a Studio Miniatures 'old lady' zombie and a Heresy Ghoul. With a sympathetic paint and basing job they will fit in fine.

The design of the figures does limit how much individuality they can have and I guess ghouls are something you don't have in large numbers so the posing won't be the biggest issue. Wonder if they will do zombies? The ghouls do have a number of spikes driven through them, I cut one off as it looked like a mushroom.


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