Sunday, 7 March 2010

Painting and Modelling to Pertwee era Who!

Well this weekend has seen me finishing the cleaning and assembly of my 15mm New Anglian Battleforce from Ground Zero Games, the cold is messing with the superglue though and I shall be carrying on with the infantry tomorrow. Then as today the work will be done whilst Pertwee era Dr Who plays in the backround.

The force comprises wheeled vehicles, in my mind it is a fast response unit and I shall be adding quads and trikes to emphasise this whilst the initial opponents will be low tech rebels with even lower tech vehicles.

Also this weekend I finally took the decision to sell my 20mm WW2 collection, I have only gamed with it once and I could spend the cash on better projects. I do want to replace them but don't know which scale.

  • 6mm - I have plenty of buildings and trees. Also Soviet and US forces which just need rebasing and new infantry.
  • 10/12mm - Good range of models, more detail than 6mm, can use N guage terrain.
  • 15mm - Loads of people have 15mm at my local club, to play FoW. A decent force will cost a bomb.

I have ordered the first of the replacement zombies, from Studio Miniatures replacing the GW plastics I sold off. I love the bases on these just got to find out how they did them.

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Dogui said...

Well, here's the blog for Studio Minis painter:

Maybe you can ask him a couple of things about the bases :)