Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Scratch the itch ......

Do you ever get one of days when you are supposed to be painting something and you really want to be painting something else? My best motivation is having a game coming up, a nice sold target or deadline.

So having bought a box of Perry Dragoons, been given a part box of Victrix highlanders, and having Sharp Practice and the Osprey on Dragoons and Lancers turn up yesterday in the post, the chance of me not doing something Napoleonic was diminishing.

A Victrix Highland Officer in between a Perry Miniatures plastic rifleman and a Wargames Foundry rifleman.

Well that Victrix box looked intriguing, I didn't know what was there or what parts i could use. So I made just one, it was pretty quick needing little cleaning up, I then decided to clip a few more pieces before too long I had made them all.

Well I really enjoyed making these and I am really looking forward to the dragoons. Some parts are unique to the command figures and getting some of the part arms together was fiddly. The only thing that annoyed me was that I would have liked to have given the Officer and Ensign a weapon in their left hand.

Now of course I need a part box of Highland Light Company ......

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