Thursday, 4 March 2010

Random Thoughts and Musings .............

I have taken delivery of the GZG 15mm NAC Battleforce, I am working my way through that and planning the next move, no pictures until they are finished. Meanwhile I am continuing with my last three adobes for Ambush Alley - these are foam core based and when these are complete I finally will have enough, I want to build some compounds and wall sections and get some more 'table props' to finish off.

Tabletop Gaming News
has published the unedited version of an interview Battlegames magazine did with Rick Priestly and John Stallard where John, a local to Worcester, revealed that the old shop down Friar Street was called 'Trevor's Model Shop'.

Hopefully I will take delivery of 'Sharp Practice' by the Two Fat Lardies and I will share my thoughts when they arrive. Meanwhile I have been giving my thoughts over to my WW2 collection - basically I have 20mm Germans but no one plays 20mm at the Evesham Club and 6mm Russians and Americans in need of rebasing and infantry.

15mm is the scale of choice at the club, with generally Flames of War, which doesn't work for me. Did you know that a FoW army built in 6mm (Heroics Ros) would only could a 10th of the money. I am still undecided.

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