Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Painting totals March 2010

There has been little gaming this month due to dates being changed at the club , I'm sure that April will go the same way due to Easter. A little creative block with my painting but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The trip to WMMS plus my ebay addiction has brought home an additional 96 28mm figures, 2 GHQ aircraft, and 3 packs of GHQ infantry.

So on to my March painting, this finishes a couple of projects for now;

Voltigeur companie,Regiment d'Infanterie Legere

Chasseur companie, Regiment d'Infanterie Legere.

Both these units are for Peninsula skirmish games, a couple more odd figures needed from Front Rank for this project. These figures are painted as a generic rather than specific unit after I got confused with my sources.

The few bits are from The Square, a 20mm shop for Ambush Alley and a couple of drop on bits, a well and a some kind of dias or knocked down memorial.

Now some bits from Black Cat bases, we have 4 vending machines, some bins, sofas, 2 toilets, some mattresses and a fridge! These are for modern skirmish type games.

Here's a group shot of my GZG battleforce, I could do with another Phalanx APC and some transport for the heavy weapons. I am still looking for some suitable decals for the vehicles and I may weather them up a little more.


MarkG said...

I like the Sci-fi stuff

Phil Curran said...

Try Fighting Pirannha Graphics for decals in this scale.