Sunday, 21 March 2010

3 go to Wolverhampton

Today was the WMMS show in Wolverhampton, previously at Alumwell School until having to move to the Aldersley Leisure Centre a few years ago. The show seemed to suffer from that initial move with many major traders not making the move or giving up after the first year. I hadn't been for a couple of years but it had been about a year since I had been to a show so I thought I would give it a go, sharing a ride with Stu and Mark.

Regretably nothing had changed with regard to the parking which was full at 9:50 am, the hall was looking quite full and there was a definate buzz in the air. People I spoke to certainly felt it was a good show and I agree with them, there was a good mix of traders and I managed to keep my shopping 'on topic'.

So todays haul;
  • Perry Miniatures French Dragoons. Excellent models looking forward to these for my Napoleonic skirmish games, 13 mounted, 8 foot and 6 dead for £18 - bargain!
  • 20mm Resin 'Shop' from The Square's Mogadishu range, which I will use for Ambush Alley as well as an altar and a well, these were bargains only a £1 each whilst the shop was £5.
  • Wargames Emporium of Sheffield had a GHQ offer, 5 packs for £30. I was after the infantry for my Soviet oppossition to my BAOR. I had to add a Mig 27 Ground attack aircraft and a Hind-A to make up the numbers. I picked up a set of CinC ZSU23-4 Shilkas too - I got them home and found they have no turrets - Arghhh! I have emailed CinC, lets see what happens.
  • 2 packs of Silfor tufts from Mutineer Miniatures, they were well priced and they had an excellent range.
  • Riot Police Snatch and Support Team from Offensive Miniatures. An excellent little range of Police and rioters - these will appear in my zombie games. Their US Para's were quite magnificient.
  • Finally, Dane gave me a part box of Victrix Highlander Centre Company, these scale will with the Perry and Foundry but take more work to assemble. Guess I will have to buy the Flank Company box now.
There were many other things I could of bought but managed to resist, perhaps till another day, these included WW2 GHQ, Timecast buildings for ACW, West Wind Arthurians and Uncharted Seas Dwarf submarines.

I have photographs and I will upload them tomorrow.


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