Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Painting totals March 2010

There has been little gaming this month due to dates being changed at the club , I'm sure that April will go the same way due to Easter. A little creative block with my painting but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The trip to WMMS plus my ebay addiction has brought home an additional 96 28mm figures, 2 GHQ aircraft, and 3 packs of GHQ infantry.

So on to my March painting, this finishes a couple of projects for now;

Voltigeur companie,Regiment d'Infanterie Legere

Chasseur companie, Regiment d'Infanterie Legere.

Both these units are for Peninsula skirmish games, a couple more odd figures needed from Front Rank for this project. These figures are painted as a generic rather than specific unit after I got confused with my sources.

The few bits are from The Square, a 20mm shop for Ambush Alley and a couple of drop on bits, a well and a some kind of dias or knocked down memorial.

Now some bits from Black Cat bases, we have 4 vending machines, some bins, sofas, 2 toilets, some mattresses and a fridge! These are for modern skirmish type games.

Here's a group shot of my GZG battleforce, I could do with another Phalanx APC and some transport for the heavy weapons. I am still looking for some suitable decals for the vehicles and I may weather them up a little more.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Scratch the itch ......

Do you ever get one of days when you are supposed to be painting something and you really want to be painting something else? My best motivation is having a game coming up, a nice sold target or deadline.

So having bought a box of Perry Dragoons, been given a part box of Victrix highlanders, and having Sharp Practice and the Osprey on Dragoons and Lancers turn up yesterday in the post, the chance of me not doing something Napoleonic was diminishing.

A Victrix Highland Officer in between a Perry Miniatures plastic rifleman and a Wargames Foundry rifleman.

Well that Victrix box looked intriguing, I didn't know what was there or what parts i could use. So I made just one, it was pretty quick needing little cleaning up, I then decided to clip a few more pieces before too long I had made them all.

Well I really enjoyed making these and I am really looking forward to the dragoons. Some parts are unique to the command figures and getting some of the part arms together was fiddly. The only thing that annoyed me was that I would have liked to have given the Officer and Ensign a weapon in their left hand.

Now of course I need a part box of Highland Light Company ......

Monday, 22 March 2010

WMMS Photos

Some photos from yesterday's games, I took a bunch of photos of the better looking games, alas there were some shocking tables that we wouldn't even have used for a club night let alone a demo game.

First up is Dane's Warmaster Medieval game on the Kalistra Hexon terrain, I have a bunch of this, I really need to finish the rest and decide what I am doing with rivers and roads. The castle is fabulous alas I have no need for one.

Next up is a 20mm WW2 raid on Courseulles-sur-Mer in Normandy put on by the chaps at Earlswood Wargames Club - a terrific set of blokes and a great club. As ever the terrain is by the very talented Alan (Alcal on many forums).

Now for something slightly different, Weird WW2 in 28mm, the figures are from West Wind and I believe they put on the game as it was in front of their stand.

How could I not put up photos of a game with dinosaurs in it!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

3 go to Wolverhampton

Today was the WMMS show in Wolverhampton, previously at Alumwell School until having to move to the Aldersley Leisure Centre a few years ago. The show seemed to suffer from that initial move with many major traders not making the move or giving up after the first year. I hadn't been for a couple of years but it had been about a year since I had been to a show so I thought I would give it a go, sharing a ride with Stu and Mark.

Regretably nothing had changed with regard to the parking which was full at 9:50 am, the hall was looking quite full and there was a definate buzz in the air. People I spoke to certainly felt it was a good show and I agree with them, there was a good mix of traders and I managed to keep my shopping 'on topic'.

So todays haul;
  • Perry Miniatures French Dragoons. Excellent models looking forward to these for my Napoleonic skirmish games, 13 mounted, 8 foot and 6 dead for £18 - bargain!
  • 20mm Resin 'Shop' from The Square's Mogadishu range, which I will use for Ambush Alley as well as an altar and a well, these were bargains only a £1 each whilst the shop was £5.
  • Wargames Emporium of Sheffield had a GHQ offer, 5 packs for £30. I was after the infantry for my Soviet oppossition to my BAOR. I had to add a Mig 27 Ground attack aircraft and a Hind-A to make up the numbers. I picked up a set of CinC ZSU23-4 Shilkas too - I got them home and found they have no turrets - Arghhh! I have emailed CinC, lets see what happens.
  • 2 packs of Silfor tufts from Mutineer Miniatures, they were well priced and they had an excellent range.
  • Riot Police Snatch and Support Team from Offensive Miniatures. An excellent little range of Police and rioters - these will appear in my zombie games. Their US Para's were quite magnificient.
  • Finally, Dane gave me a part box of Victrix Highlander Centre Company, these scale will with the Perry and Foundry but take more work to assemble. Guess I will have to buy the Flank Company box now.
There were many other things I could of bought but managed to resist, perhaps till another day, these included WW2 GHQ, Timecast buildings for ACW, West Wind Arthurians and Uncharted Seas Dwarf submarines.

I have photographs and I will upload them tomorrow.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Feb painting totals

A little late, here is the painting totals for Feb 2010;

These totals were swelled by my visit to Spirit, where I bought the Hovels Adobes and the 6mm Heroics and Ros Micro Armour. I have also added in the GZG totals which swells it up a little.

I have made some purchases so far this month and it is WMMS next weekend, I have some Zombies from Studio Miniatures as well as some bits and pieces from Black Cat and Fenris to add some colour to the tabletop.

As well as painting the GZG Battleforce I have found out my French Light Infantry from the garage, I was inspired to rescue them from the lead mountain by 'Songs of Drums and Shakos' by Ganesha Games, I have also bought the original fantasy set 'Songs of Blades and Heroes', so may splash some paint on a handful of Orcs and Goblins sometime soon.

Here's a WIP shot of the Voltigeur section.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Painting and Modelling to Pertwee era Who!

Well this weekend has seen me finishing the cleaning and assembly of my 15mm New Anglian Battleforce from Ground Zero Games, the cold is messing with the superglue though and I shall be carrying on with the infantry tomorrow. Then as today the work will be done whilst Pertwee era Dr Who plays in the backround.

The force comprises wheeled vehicles, in my mind it is a fast response unit and I shall be adding quads and trikes to emphasise this whilst the initial opponents will be low tech rebels with even lower tech vehicles.

Also this weekend I finally took the decision to sell my 20mm WW2 collection, I have only gamed with it once and I could spend the cash on better projects. I do want to replace them but don't know which scale.

  • 6mm - I have plenty of buildings and trees. Also Soviet and US forces which just need rebasing and new infantry.
  • 10/12mm - Good range of models, more detail than 6mm, can use N guage terrain.
  • 15mm - Loads of people have 15mm at my local club, to play FoW. A decent force will cost a bomb.

I have ordered the first of the replacement zombies, from Studio Miniatures replacing the GW plastics I sold off. I love the bases on these just got to find out how they did them.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Random Thoughts and Musings .............

I have taken delivery of the GZG 15mm NAC Battleforce, I am working my way through that and planning the next move, no pictures until they are finished. Meanwhile I am continuing with my last three adobes for Ambush Alley - these are foam core based and when these are complete I finally will have enough, I want to build some compounds and wall sections and get some more 'table props' to finish off.

Tabletop Gaming News
has published the unedited version of an interview Battlegames magazine did with Rick Priestly and John Stallard where John, a local to Worcester, revealed that the old shop down Friar Street was called 'Trevor's Model Shop'.

Hopefully I will take delivery of 'Sharp Practice' by the Two Fat Lardies and I will share my thoughts when they arrive. Meanwhile I have been giving my thoughts over to my WW2 collection - basically I have 20mm Germans but no one plays 20mm at the Evesham Club and 6mm Russians and Americans in need of rebasing and infantry.

15mm is the scale of choice at the club, with generally Flames of War, which doesn't work for me. Did you know that a FoW army built in 6mm (Heroics Ros) would only could a 10th of the money. I am still undecided.