Monday, 8 February 2010

We came, we saw, we sank

Perhaps it would sound grander in latin!

Alas last nights 2 small games of Uncharted Seas left many a dwarf swimming for home as their fleets were poorly handled. Both games were 'recce' games for our campaign and so were with limited points.

First off I get to play Dane and his Orcs, in this scenario I have to get close to his ships to examine them. What happens when you get close to Orc ships? They fire at you and you sink! Being substantially outnumbered I didn't have a chance.

In the next game I played Darren and the Dragon Lords, a straight battle. I really should have found some time to remind myself of the rules over the weekend so the Dragon Lords where all over me, I did sink a whole squadron of frigates and am pretty sure I could have made a mess of the flag ship given another turn and the initiative.

Once home I ordered some more frigates, this time the new models with proper turrets and a pair of the heavy cruisers. I must devise a means of naming the models without keep picking them up and I am giving thought to basing the ships too as I like the look and more importantly it stops them knocking into each other in the box.

Next club should be another Zulu game this time using The Sword and the Flame. Before then I hope to have painted the 15mm centaurs and the remains of the Naval Brigade so watch this space.


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