Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines Day Massacre

Alas no gaming today but a day of painting and watching DVDs. Picking up Inglourious Basterds, District 9 and Terminator: Salvation in the week, ex-rentals so had plenty to watch whilst painting.

Here's the Adobes;

They were initial painted, after washing, with Dulux Earth Glaze 1, when dry they had a heavy drybrush of Dulux Tawny Crest 1.

Next comes the third colour, Dulux Tawny Crest 2 to lighten the whole thing up.

Paint the wooden bits brown, then give them a wash and paint the window holes in black.

"Yes, the area has gone downhill since all the building work!"

Here are the two heavy cruisers and the new frigates with separate turrets, the 2 ships lurking at the back are an attempt to keep the painting similar, but the new ones seen darker.

Finally here's yesterdays Micro Armour purchase, I still needs some bits and pieces like a Shilka, Air Support and some Infantry.

Well I'm hoping for my GZG 15mm battle force will arrive this week and I'll have to crack on with that when it comes, I have some interesting bids on ebay at the moment, more on that another day, dinner and a HALO novel beckon.


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MarkG said...


I like the adobes. Are those straight off the shelf Dulux colours you have used?