Sunday, 21 February 2010

Seek and Destroy

Tonight's club game is a Zulu war scenario with The Sword and The Flame making it's club debut.

Scenario – Seek and Destroy

Set out from Kambula on the orders of Colonel Evelyn Wood, commanding No 4 column, to deal with two renegade Zulu bands which have been raiding locally and preventing Uhamu, Cetshwayo’s half brother from bringing his people into Natal – he is currently in hiding near the Swazi border.

The raiders are Mblini, Swazi freebooter with a band of renegade Zulus and Manyanyoba a petty Zulu chieftain. The raiders have been attacking isolated kraals and homesteads for miles.

Take 2 platoons of the 13th Foot (Prince Albert's Regiment of Light Infantry) with sufficient wagons and mules to carry supplies, seek and destroy the renegade Zulus.
Nominate 1 player to be the ranking British officer.

British Forces

2 Platoons with a sergeant, commanded by a Lieutenant. (Each totalling 20 figures, all ranks)
Company Sergeant Major
Captain, Officer Commanding.

Zulu Forces

Each Zulu band (Ibutho) comprises 3 Iviyo let by a minor Induna and let by a Senior Induna (Mblini or Manyanyoba) (61 figures)

I in 6 of the Zulu warriors are armed with antiquated muskets, they may fire from the front of their units, there are insufficient numbers to form a skirmish unit.

Meanwhile, I am planning another game of Ambush Alley but feel that I still don't have enough buildings even with the buying of the five Hovel last weekend. I had a small selection of Hirst Arts blocks from ebay, I put these together over the course of a couple of evenings and 'plastered' them with filler. I still have some detail to do to the windows which hopefully will make them suitable for 20mm and 28mm, and make them more 'deserty'.

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