Saturday, 13 February 2010

Road Trip

I have had a pleasant day visiting a couple of the Midland's games shops and making a few purchases. So firstly some more Hovels 25mm (they are quite small for 25mm but excellent for 20mm) Adobes for my Ambush Alley games and some Soviet micro armour for Cold War Commander. These came from Spirit Games, bit of a trek but I spent at least an hour and a half exploring all the stock, very enjoyable and very hard not to find something to buy.

On the way back I called in to Wayland's Forge in Birmingham and bought a copy of the Firestorm Armada. I still think the ships are expensive especially when they suggest you should be working towards playing with the equivalent of two boxed sets! I am thinking of making my own, somehow.

Tomorrow, I shall put the finishing touches to some new Dwarf ships for US and paint my new adobes.


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