Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hirst Arts blocks Adobes

I have been curious about the Hirst Arts blocks since I first saw them on the internet a few years ago, my thoughts were "can't be bothered with that, I remember Linka" which is still pretty valid in my opinion.

There are sellers on eBay who list both kits and sets of pre-cast bricks, this seems much less hassle so I ordered about a tenners worth out of curiosity. The bricks I ordered came from Egyptian Basic Block Mold #95, and would seem to represent about 25 (!) sets of mouldings. They sat in the box over xmas, and recently one evening whilst giving thought to Ambush Alley I grabbed some No More Nails and Lego and sat in front of the TV building.

The purpose of the Lego pieces, built in to corners is to push the pieces in to nice straight right angles, even then I have a building which looks it was built by cowboys! Once built and given a couple of days for the glue to dry, I base coated with Dulux Earth Glaze then dry brushed with Tawny Crest 1 and 2 (now alas discontinued). The doors were made of balsa and foamcore in order to create a recess and no make the doors that obvious should I use them for 28mm.

Now some photos, the base coated photo appeared a couple of days ago but I will show it again here for completeness.

and now drybrushed with some props.

I need some walls, satellite dishes and aircon units for the roofs.


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