Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hammers Slammers vs Painting Block

Well I have at last managed to get the first two volumes of the Hammers Slammers books by David Drake these are currently getting me psyched up to paint some 15mm Sci-Fi at the end of the month, with the new Simon Scarrow paperback out yesterday the reading pile is getting big.

Since the mammoth January painting total I haven't lifted a brush - this is pretty usual for me when I paint a lot in a short time then have a break I find it difficult to start again!! I will attempt to start the remaining Naval Brigade this weekend and Sunday I have some games of Uncharted Seas planned.

Last night I flocked the insides of my Zulu movement tray and they look pretty smart now. I am going to have to have a day photgraphing these in the light tent.


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