Thursday, 28 January 2010

Z day minus 1 and a bit

Not long now till the big game, heres some shots of my figures, hope to get some better shots later when I have more time and can dig the light tent from the garage.

Perry Gardner Gun and Crew

Rapier (ex Newline) 7lb cannon and crew

HLBS Oxen pulling Lledo carts

Foundry Ancient Cart with pack mules



Spare Zulus

Musket and Rifle armed figures

Natal Native Contingent

All zulus are from Wargames Factory in plastic or Wargames Foundry in Metal apart from the over dressed Induna figure in the spare figures. I probably won't add any more ofther than the last dozen I have unpainted. Must get the rest of the Naval brigade painted so I can play The Sword and The Flame without needing to borrow figures.

Shots from the big game will appear in the Evesham Wargames Club blog.

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