Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!

Well I opted for the 'Snow Day' option today and took a days leave rather than clear the mountain of snow off the car and try my arm on the drive to work.

So I cracked on with the Zulus.

Well other than shields and greenery for the bases these are finished! You will see I have made movement trays and that they are too large, when not carrying half a regiment in the rule set we are using, they will carry 20 figures which is the unit size for The Sword and The Flame. I will be adding a terrain piece in to the trays so the figures don't wobble all over the shop at the 'Big Game'.

The wagons have been attacked with the hacksaw and given a white undercoat ready for a dull darkish green. I might have a go at the uniform blue on the Naval Brigade next to give myself a break before painting all the Zulu shields.

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