Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lets hope for snow tomorrow!

I am continuing to crack on with my Zulus, resisting the temptation to start the Naval Brigade figures, although the artillery crew are painted.

Death of the Prince Imperial (Illustrated London News)

Tonights painting was weapons, leg fringes and monkey tails! These figures are coming together nicely, I am leaving the shields till last and will paint them up in their regiments (uVe and uThulwana) and glue them on to the appropriate bodies. Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

Also in the post today were 3 Lledo wagons I had ordered off ebay in early December which the seller hadn't managed to post. I saw some examples of these fuel wagons converted to colonial wagons as shown in an article found on Major General Tremorden Colonial Era Wargame site, alas not updated in years but full of gems.

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow and I can crack on with the married tribesman.

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Stuart S said...

Bless you I forgot about this link and have this morning dug out my Lledo models which should give me a couple more.
A foundry wagon arrived this morning.... 10 more Zulu's finished yesterday 70 done, on to the cavalry tonight.