Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's pretty HOTT in here

I played a couple of games of HOTT tonight using Stuart's Narnian armies, with me taking the Forces of the White Witch. He spend a lot of time putting these armies together and they are superb.

Stuart's superb White Witch, those polar bears are fab!

Looks like my dwarfs are for it!

Suprise, suprise, it's all gone wrong again.

Anyway, I lost both games. But this had given ideas for an army of my own, I quite like the figures from Splintered Light and Eureka but as both are based abroad it might cost a little more to put the armies together. C'est le vie. The V2 rulebook is in the post and should have it Tuesday, fingers crossed.

On the painting front I am still cracking on with the Zulus, less than 2 weeks now, I will be finished apart from my Naval Brigade which aren't needed for the game. After that I fancy painting my 6mm Battle of Midway aircraft from Raiden before getting serious into the 6mm ACW project.

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