Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 2010 painting totals

Well I am still decompressing from yesterdays marathon game, photos will be up in the week as I have spent the rest of the weekend gaming free. Saw Avatar this afternoon - excellent movie.

I decided I would keep a log of completed models, so the total for January is 95 foot, 2 guns and 3 wagons all in 28mm. A pretty good total, many of the Zulu where assembled in December so there's no way I'll see a similar total for the rest of the year! To offset that I have bought 16 28mm, the 4 wagon crew and another 12 Foundry Zulu's from ebay, a HUGE painted 15mm Hydra and 20 15mm Centaurs for HOTT.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Z day minus 1 and a bit

Not long now till the big game, heres some shots of my figures, hope to get some better shots later when I have more time and can dig the light tent from the garage.

Perry Gardner Gun and Crew

Rapier (ex Newline) 7lb cannon and crew

HLBS Oxen pulling Lledo carts

Foundry Ancient Cart with pack mules



Spare Zulus

Musket and Rifle armed figures

Natal Native Contingent

All zulus are from Wargames Factory in plastic or Wargames Foundry in Metal apart from the over dressed Induna figure in the spare figures. I probably won't add any more ofther than the last dozen I have unpainted. Must get the rest of the Naval brigade painted so I can play The Sword and The Flame without needing to borrow figures.

Shots from the big game will appear in the Evesham Wargames Club blog.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's pretty HOTT in here

I played a couple of games of HOTT tonight using Stuart's Narnian armies, with me taking the Forces of the White Witch. He spend a lot of time putting these armies together and they are superb.

Stuart's superb White Witch, those polar bears are fab!

Looks like my dwarfs are for it!

Suprise, suprise, it's all gone wrong again.

Anyway, I lost both games. But this had given ideas for an army of my own, I quite like the figures from Splintered Light and Eureka but as both are based abroad it might cost a little more to put the armies together. C'est le vie. The V2 rulebook is in the post and should have it Tuesday, fingers crossed.

On the painting front I am still cracking on with the Zulus, less than 2 weeks now, I will be finished apart from my Naval Brigade which aren't needed for the game. After that I fancy painting my 6mm Battle of Midway aircraft from Raiden before getting serious into the 6mm ACW project.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Three weeks and counting .......

Well the snow has left me with time to make further inroads into the Zulu project with just three weeks to go. The majority of the Zulus only need their shields painting and gluing on. I have made the minor changes to the Lledo wagons, they are a little small but will do the shop admirably I reckon and build the loads which still need painting.

I have started six more Zulus, all with British Jackets on, souvenirs of previous battles and started on the Naval Brigade although not needed for the big game.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!

Well I opted for the 'Snow Day' option today and took a days leave rather than clear the mountain of snow off the car and try my arm on the drive to work.

So I cracked on with the Zulus.

Well other than shields and greenery for the bases these are finished! You will see I have made movement trays and that they are too large, when not carrying half a regiment in the rule set we are using, they will carry 20 figures which is the unit size for The Sword and The Flame. I will be adding a terrain piece in to the trays so the figures don't wobble all over the shop at the 'Big Game'.

The wagons have been attacked with the hacksaw and given a white undercoat ready for a dull darkish green. I might have a go at the uniform blue on the Naval Brigade next to give myself a break before painting all the Zulu shields.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lets hope for snow tomorrow!

I am continuing to crack on with my Zulus, resisting the temptation to start the Naval Brigade figures, although the artillery crew are painted.

Death of the Prince Imperial (Illustrated London News)

Tonights painting was weapons, leg fringes and monkey tails! These figures are coming together nicely, I am leaving the shields till last and will paint them up in their regiments (uVe and uThulwana) and glue them on to the appropriate bodies. Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

Also in the post today were 3 Lledo wagons I had ordered off ebay in early December which the seller hadn't managed to post. I saw some examples of these fuel wagons converted to colonial wagons as shown in an article found on Major General Tremorden Colonial Era Wargame site, alas not updated in years but full of gems.

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow and I can crack on with the married tribesman.