Thursday, 31 December 2009

Zulus, just a few

My gaming club, after a couple of ales decided that the Anglo-Zulu War would make a good game and spurred on by the rather nice Empress Miniatures and the cheap plastic Zulus about half a dozen of us agreed to paint some figures. We are all doing Europeans and Zulus at a rough ratio of about 3:1.

For my contribution I have a couple of packs of the plastic zulus along with some foundry metals from ebay. My europeans are Naval brigade from the Perrys with a Nordenfelt MG alongside a Rapier (ex Newline) 7lb cannon and crew. The game, Nyezane, is on the 30th of Jan so I am needing to pull my finger out some what.

These chaps with the fetching red rags around their heads belong to the Natal Native Contingent.

uVe regiment

The rest of the figures, all have basing material and are undercoated, movement trays from GW.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Okay so maybe no Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion, but I remember having the Corgi Landrover in zebra stripe with model Lions as a child.

All of the following are from HLBS although the animals are now available from North Star.

Hopefully many of these, perhaps not the raptors, will feature in the club refight of Nyezane in the Zulu War.

The Hippo is a plastic toy of unknown foreign origin.

Lions, could do with a few more lionesses.


Cattle, useful as game objectives or for pulling wagons.

Giraffe (quite fond of this paint job)


Still to come, 5 Oryx and 5 Zebra.