Saturday, 14 November 2009

Zulus, thousands of 'em

Well just when you thought that I had enough painting to do along comes Stu with this notion of doing the Anglo Zulu war in 28mm using figures from Wargames Factory and Empress Miniatures.

I have a set of the Wargames Factory plastic zulus, I have built multi part plastics before from GW but these are more true scale than GWs 'heroic' scale. The parts are small and fiddly - clearly some of the arms fit better than others, photos when painted.

I went off today looking for books, particularly the Osprey Men at Arms on the Zulu War, alas the local Waterstones has a pitiful selection and I came away empty handed. Coming back into town I popped into a local 2nd hand book shop and came away with both Donald R Morris "The Washing of the Spears" and Ian Knight's 'Zulu, Isandlwana & Rorkes Drift'.

There it is, the first five, the next five will be better. It seems that although they are slender, waving your arms about causes a 2p size base to be needed.

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