Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Well work has been very busy cutting in to the painting and modelling time. I seem only able to start projects rather than finish them, as a result I have Cavemen almost but not quite finished as well as Palm Trees and some more Adobes for Ambush Alley.

I have finished some bases for Uncharted Seas, these are volcanoes and a sand bar. All are based on old freebie CDs with the volcanoes being made from the black polystyrene that comes under Tesco's pizzas, cuts easily and can be sanded! Lava is painted glue.

I have painted a few test bases of Baccus ACW, they have ended up darker than I anticipated so will have to remember that when painting in earnest. These have gone to the club to encourage the others to get painting.

This is the smallest size unit we will use, representing 320 men.

Artillery and two bases of skirmishers.

A brigade command stand and a cavalry base.

Lots of interesting stuff around at the moment which I am trying to resist including 15mm Vietnam from Flames of War and Stu keeps going on about Zulu's! Hopefully should be going to Warfare at the end of the month for some more 20mm moderns and 6mm ACW.


Stuart S said...

Paul if you needed any encourgement the Marks are on board, 30 plastic Zulu's plus 10 Brits each for starters.
My Wargames Factory Zulu's arrived this morning very nice.... Come on you know you want to.

Paul said...

I have some Boxer era Royal Marines in the garage! Have also ordered the Colonial Adventures rules from 2HW. More importantly stop distracting people when they should be thinking of buying ACW armies!