Monday, 16 November 2009

God, I hate losing stuff ............

Perhaps it's a sign of approaching old age, in my 8' square office / painting room I seem to have lost of copies of HoTT and Zulu. It must be here somewhere, I have looked all over, but no sign.

Today I had an ebay parcel containing a selection of HLBS african animals now out of production, I have lions, zebra, cattle, oryx, a giraffe and a plastic hippo which seems to scale right. These once painted will no doubt find themselves moving around the savanna avoiding impis or perhaps avoiding the spears of my cavemen. Also HLBS have re-released some of their dinosaur range to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bog-a-ten.

Any way about time these appeared, sorry about the blurry one! The dinosaurs are from a childrens game called 'Dinosaur King' and the cavemen are from Copplestone Castings.

Dinosaur King dinos with the ugly bases covered up

Same again but this time the 'angry ones'

C25 Cavewomen

C26 Cavemen

C29 More Cavemen

C47 Cavemen Characters

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Paul said...

Stop Press! Found HoTT, now need to scheme ....