Saturday, 28 November 2009

Plans for 2010

Well November is not over yet and I am thinking about my plans for the year ahead.

American Civil War

This is going to be a major focus for next year, with hopefully a playable army by the middle of the year, with at least 8 regiments of foot plus horse and guns. I will probably then think on painting a similar quantity of Union troops.

Ambush Alley

There are a few figures I still want as well as more buildings for my collection.

Zulu Wars

My intention is to have three regiments of Zulus which added to those in the rest of the club will be pretty impressive. As for imperial troops I have some Redoubt Royal Marines, they didn't serve in the Natal but but they are contemporary, the Empress figures are nice but I am favour Copplestone's Naval Infantry.

The Lost World
This project came from nowhere just because I wanted to paint the cavemen. I shall add some more dinosaurs as I come across them and perhaps some Neanderthals or lizard-men.

Cold War Commander
I still need to build some Soviet opposition for the British, I will most probably sell the excess Brits to fund them. I also need to carry on with the micro terrain.

Hott / DBA / Uncharted Seas

These are quick easy wins. Cheap to purchase and hopefully fun to paint. I shall add some more ships to the Dwarf fleet in time when I have played some more games and I am thinking to try and combine a HoTT and DBA army without restricting my army choices too much whilst a saving in cash and painting time.

I have found my copy of DBA from the garage and it appears to have been chewed by a cat some years ago. I shall pick up another next.

For Sale

I continue to recycle my old unneeded miniatures via ebay, I shall probably sell my 20mm WW2 Germans as I don't get to play in this scale, as well as my 28mm Black Hawk Down figures as I have suitable figures amongst my 20mm Ambush Alley collection.

Other stuff is likely to crop up during the year like Dr Who (I have the Heresy Dr Hugh McCrimmon and some UNIT troops already) and Blitzkrieg Commander where I need to refresh my US and Russians and add German opposition.

On to Africa

Well since the last posting I have been cutting out and cleaning up the various components for the Zulus, shortly I shall be assembling them and putting together my first regiment.

The fauna is ongoing and I hope to have photos soon as the giraffe and wildebeest are almost finished. I also bought a selection of raptors and a pteranadon from HLBS to add more variety to my 'lost world' games.

Another building for Ambush Alley is almost complete, a garage type with roll up shutters. I am going to try and build some adobes using stone blocks cast with Hirst Arts blocks, not wanting to cast the blocks myself I have bought some from ebay.

Monday, 16 November 2009

God, I hate losing stuff ............

Perhaps it's a sign of approaching old age, in my 8' square office / painting room I seem to have lost of copies of HoTT and Zulu. It must be here somewhere, I have looked all over, but no sign.

Today I had an ebay parcel containing a selection of HLBS african animals now out of production, I have lions, zebra, cattle, oryx, a giraffe and a plastic hippo which seems to scale right. These once painted will no doubt find themselves moving around the savanna avoiding impis or perhaps avoiding the spears of my cavemen. Also HLBS have re-released some of their dinosaur range to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bog-a-ten.

Any way about time these appeared, sorry about the blurry one! The dinosaurs are from a childrens game called 'Dinosaur King' and the cavemen are from Copplestone Castings.

Dinosaur King dinos with the ugly bases covered up

Same again but this time the 'angry ones'

C25 Cavewomen

C26 Cavemen

C29 More Cavemen

C47 Cavemen Characters

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Zulus, thousands of 'em

Well just when you thought that I had enough painting to do along comes Stu with this notion of doing the Anglo Zulu war in 28mm using figures from Wargames Factory and Empress Miniatures.

I have a set of the Wargames Factory plastic zulus, I have built multi part plastics before from GW but these are more true scale than GWs 'heroic' scale. The parts are small and fiddly - clearly some of the arms fit better than others, photos when painted.

I went off today looking for books, particularly the Osprey Men at Arms on the Zulu War, alas the local Waterstones has a pitiful selection and I came away empty handed. Coming back into town I popped into a local 2nd hand book shop and came away with both Donald R Morris "The Washing of the Spears" and Ian Knight's 'Zulu, Isandlwana & Rorkes Drift'.

There it is, the first five, the next five will be better. It seems that although they are slender, waving your arms about causes a 2p size base to be needed.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Well work has been very busy cutting in to the painting and modelling time. I seem only able to start projects rather than finish them, as a result I have Cavemen almost but not quite finished as well as Palm Trees and some more Adobes for Ambush Alley.

I have finished some bases for Uncharted Seas, these are volcanoes and a sand bar. All are based on old freebie CDs with the volcanoes being made from the black polystyrene that comes under Tesco's pizzas, cuts easily and can be sanded! Lava is painted glue.

I have painted a few test bases of Baccus ACW, they have ended up darker than I anticipated so will have to remember that when painting in earnest. These have gone to the club to encourage the others to get painting.

This is the smallest size unit we will use, representing 320 men.

Artillery and two bases of skirmishers.

A brigade command stand and a cavalry base.

Lots of interesting stuff around at the moment which I am trying to resist including 15mm Vietnam from Flames of War and Stu keeps going on about Zulu's! Hopefully should be going to Warfare at the end of the month for some more 20mm moderns and 6mm ACW.